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An Escorts Speaks on the business of escorting in Bangalore

When we Independent escorts in Bangalore discuss our life we prejudice and unanonymously proclaim in pride the life style of an Independent escorts in Bangalore as we live a life with many men of our choice with no bonded relationship and the pride of savoring too many men in a life that is meant to live queen’s size.

We Independent escorts in Bangalore do not regret or gibber with our self in pursuing a career as an Independent escorts in Bangalore but rather pride in choosing a path that is a short cut to success and to reach our dreams.

When money had become a commodity where it is the measure of quality of life and when we see men chase behind money all over their life in the correct and incorrect ways it is no wonder we women chose to immolate and renounce our virginity and our sacred women sanity in our own selfish motives to live a life that is queen size.

If you may ask any of the Independent escorts in Bangalore how we female escorts in Bangalore see men or our clients we are rather blunt in giving a honest confession as under "Craving for women is an addiction and a habit which may harm a family life and a man who is addicted to multiple women has no cure and the only remedy is love from his family"

Lust is been framed by the media and internet in the most indecent way it can be portrayed and men who see the vulgarity and crudeness love had been staged are ignorant of the fact that the act is a staged drama by professional artist who are efficient and masterly artists in creating gimmicks.
The below is the truth

No women enjoys Anal sex.

No women enjoy unlimited hours of penetration.

"Sex is an enjoyable game of art with one person who is bonded and glued with love and affection"
Men who we cater to come with all fantasy when its is paid sex and we ensure our clients’ needs are taken care and we female escorts in Bangalore never try to play the preachers game in our act of quenching the lust of men.

If we female escorts in Bangalore are to debate on the morale game of taming and curing a womanizer we would as the below to the audience who raised the question of taming the clients.
When a government is surveying with the taxes from selling alcohol We call girls in Bangalore can survive by quenching the lust of men when the government is prescribing takes on tobacco sales and alcohol sales.

We female escorts in Bangalore never wanted to be Mahatmas in tutoring our clients and we prefer doing the divine task of escorting and excelling in our job as escorts.

What we female escorts in Bangalore regret is the words we are tagged with our profession and we humbly recall the recognition our ancestors had bestowed on us as devadasis.
We live a prided life as call girls in Bangalore catering to the lust of men as god sent divine angels in this world we run our daily life as independent escorts in Bangalore.

"We call girls in Bangalore honestly accept the truth we are professionally trained artist trained to stage an act of specious nature"

The passion of escorting had pursued us to work like we never do the work of an escort for money and love and lust with our clients is in the most professional way possible trying to fallacious an act which is to be honest is ersatz and deceptive.

We are honestly confessing the truth in our profession of escorting the lucid truth and if a client is to believe our act of deception it is feather in his cap.

We are mere hunters praying for our hunt in this jungle and we are quite good in the hunt and we do get our share on daily basis.

We are not here to offend any of our generous clients in the above confessions and we wanted to honestly confess the truth in our profession of escorting.

Men had been for ages laurelled for his mastery over women and a man who had slept with multiple women is a feat of kudos and is illustriousness in this society.

A woman with similar nature of preying men is sin and is marked as disesteemed person in this planet earth and we believe we live in a society of equality in gender.

We call girls Bangalore often do meet distinguished connoisseurs and debonair of men and who we admire and belong to be in his company and we escorts do admit honestly there are men who are honey in nature for us bees.

God had created sex to be enjoyed to the fullest by women and men rarely do enjoy the sex as we women in actuality enjoy and we women probably are not good in sharing the same with men.
What if I am caught by my girl friend or my wife for my acts of adultery with call girls in Bangalore?
The above question when we ask our reputed clients we see men qualm in abhorrence and revulsion and we escorts in Bangalore can only sadly pity our generous paymasters.

All acts of deception needs cover-ups and our men are quite good in their deeds of adultery and having their own stories to justify the acts.

We can only pity our and her men.
We meant what we said above
Our and her man.
Her man was my man for a while.

We escorts in Bangalore are professional stage artist who are well-trained hunters in the jungle to prey on our hunt and we hunt when we are hungry and never stray Idle.
We had seen the fear phobia and disquietude in men if ever his wife or girl friend knows about his adultery with call girls in Bangalore.

We escorts in Bangalore stupidly glee in pride of owning her man for a while.
We call girls in Bangalore end with this saying to our generous men what money could not buy is the unconditional love showered by the family is imperishable and not us.

A good women should let his men stray around and when he comes backs he is all hers own.
We have enough men and this world is no small place for us escorts in Bangalore for staying around with enough and more men in our short lived life as an escort in Bangalore.

Good luck my dear men.


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