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Species of a tribe called call girls in Bangalore

We escorts in Bangalore are part of a species of a tribe called call girls in Bangalore and live a life apart from the masses in the crowd and our feelings and thoughts have separated us from living a life aloof  and this delusion had led us live a life hampering us to live with our dear and loved ones in the society and our enduring task is to free our self from this prison of solitude and live along with all and to pursue our job of bartering love as a product.

We escorts in Bangalore never let the preaching and sermon's of the society to stop us us from what we are doing and we as women are judgmental in our own way of our doings and destined to live a life of our own.

The samaritan and do-gooder do slaughter us aloud on our business of bartering love and we let them speak as loud as they need as we silently pursue our trading of love and we never mind the barking dogs to ruin our livelihood.

We call girls in Bangalore do not f…